Property Styling Tips

The property should be as presentable and neat as possible. If possible, have the property cleaned, especially the windows, on the day of the shoot or the day before.

  • Neatly cut
  • Green lawn
  • No wheelbarrows, buckets or garden hoses visible

  • Clear blue
  • Without Kreepy in it

  • Remove all fridge magnets/notes etc.
  • Hide the rubbish bin, drying racks, sponges, excess clutter, smaller appliances etc.

Living Room:
  • Puff up pillows on couches
  • Pack away any clutter (especially on coffee table etc.)

  • Well made beds
  • Puff up pillows
  • Working lights
  • Matching lightbulbs
  • Close everything (eg. cupboard doors)
  • Remove mirror marks
  • Pack away any clutter (especially on bedside tables and dresser)

  • Remove smudges from mirrors
  • Hide toilet paper and bins, and all the accessories (toiletries etc.) 
  • You can hang towels or pack them away

  • Windows must be spotless
  • If there are pets that could knock over the tripod, or get into the shots, please try keep them out of the way
  • Style (arrange furniture etc.) as much as possible